vortec head spark plug reach

the manual shipped with the motor, calls out the R43LTS and the plug they installed is the same number. Guide plates can also be installed at this time if desired. The best thing would be to look up pocket porting on the internet to see some examples. They stand on the R**LTS at .715 reach as the only plug length (reach)that can be used on iron Vortec head. I will stand up for the NGK (5464) BKR5EIX-11 one. Moreover, it fits a wide range of vehicles, including GM, Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi. This leads you to the concept of Dynamic Compression Ratio which is an adjustment to the Static Compression Ratio for the stroke used up to the point where the intake valve closes. David Vizard has excellent information on all aspects of doing your own porting in his books on building and modifying small block chevys. Custom-fabricated intake manifold required. The chamber is very detonation resistant compared to earlier chambers many guys run 9.5 or a little more with a squish/quench clearance of 0.035" to 0.040". In production heads there is generally a really bad bump or sharp edge that disrupts flow. Note: You can view Edelbrock/Vortec intakes here. During the BBC production, the spark plugs changed from gasketed to tapered seat. Along with that, the guide boss OD can be machined down from 0.852" to a smaller common diameter, like 0.785" of the original Gen1 SBC heads, so aftermarket springs (double or with dampers) can be used. Now there are additives on the shelf to bump the zinc and phosphate levels up in ordinary off-the-shelf oils but these oils are high detergency oils that scrub off the zinc and phosphate coatings so pouring in more from an additive bottle has been proving to be somewhat ineffective. 7 L Vortec with 255 horsepower what can I do to get more horsepower on a budget, Exhaust, cam , headers ,custom tune . This type of stud is tightened by "double nutting" instead of tightening it by a hex. Because of this, it has become a very popular swap. The best tool is an actual porting electric motor and a couple of porting cutters. The valves are 1.94/1.50 inch but they can be machined to accept 2.020/1.600-inch valves. Spark plugs. He showed me how to perform a simple pocket-porting effort on both the intake and exhaust side. They are identified with the Bowtie Emblem on the exterior of the head, below the exhaust flange, and the Vortec logo on top of the intake port area. If you want to run with the big dogs today, you've got to look for cams with a lot of lift for their duration and fairly long LSA's compared to the old stuff. In order to fit one of the commonly available smaller diameter positive type valve stem oil seals, the tops of the guide boss needs to be turned down. This 7 degree lock is 0.050" lower than a regular lock. Recommended Spark Plugs for Vortec Heads. Modern tight chambers make power and lots of it even with a less than ideal port feeding it, whereas a poor chamber characterized by everything that predates the L31 style chamber for the Gen I block is ineffective regardless of what you do to the ports compared these new heads. Because the cracks can be very small, using a magnetic particle inspection system will show defects not readily visible to the naked eye. I would have to think if 162s are shorter and further up in the cylinder head spark plug channel it would make some sort of difference in performance or miles per gallon. R43LTS (colder) R44LTS (coldest) NGK TR5 (stock equivalent ) TR55 (colder) You can barely see the ground electrode. Spark Plug Failure from Carbon Buildup – Vortec 5.3. Places to look for cracks are shown above; often between the exhaust and a head bolt hole or water jacket hole, Sometimes the crack will be from the valve seat down into the port. This page was last modified on 10 July 2020, at 22:22. A split duration cam is also of value as the exhaust flow didn't improve compared to the intake so that side can use a little extra blow down time moreso than extra lift. 8Thermostat bypass Hotrodders forum thread. 67 Camaro 4-spd, 350 with cam, headers, HEI, and double hump heads. Most often a 1/2” bit is used, but in any event use what ever size is needed to get the needed clearance. GMPP Bow Tie Vortec heads. The wider seat was used to better transfer heat from the valve into the head/cooling system. If guide plates are not used, self aligning rockers MUST be used. Casting number 10239906 Vortec head has one large single hump on the end of the head. All the heads for those years are the same. Using an early style intake on an aftermarket Vortec-type head, Vortec Cylinder Heads: The Definitive Guide, Iron Vortec Head All the Details You Need to Know, Measuring Vortec retainer to seal clearance, http://www.kb-silvolite.com/calc.php?action=comp2, https://www.crankshaftcoalition.com/wiki/index.php?title=Vortec_L31_cylinder_head&oldid=3476667. A vortec 350 head is a vortec 350 head.. Used from 1996-01 in chevy and GMC full size trucks, vans, SUV. Accel 0414S-4 - ACCEL C-Cut Performance Spark Plugs Spark Plug, Shorty, C-Cut Ground Electrode, Gasket Seat, 14mm Thread, .750 in. Do not make the spring seat deeper. Those cams made more noise than power. • The new spark plug, P/N 12571164 with AC Delco P/N 41-985, is gapped to 1.01 mm (0.040 in) when the spark plug is made. How much does it all cost?) The valve cover rails are machined for both perimeter and '86-up centerbolt style valve covers. Yeah, im pretty familiar with what the term reach means on a spark plug. Autolite AR94 Spark Plug-5/8 Hex, .708 Reach, Tapered, Power Tip, Hot $4.99 MSD 5554 Street-Fire Spark Plug Wires Set, Small Block Chevy 350 HEI Does the inspection require being fully cleaned before inspection? Due to issues with some Vortec intake manifold gaskets (vacuum and coolant leaks), it is suggested to use a Fel-Pro gasket p/n Q1255 intake gasket, or equivalent. Excellent cam for RV's and pickups when changing to the Vortec heads. So if you're building on a Vortec block from 1995 or later it is at least provisioned for a roller cam if a 95 and from 96 up it has a roller cam. Dart OE Vortec replacement head 165cc intake runner; RHS Vortec (available with either 1.940/1.500 or 2.02/1.600 valves) EQ “Lightning” Vortec Style Cylinder Heads (Cast Iron) On the non-bow tie L31 Vortec heads, the ports are larger than the older cast steel heads, so they outflow the older heads. Aluminum lets you push the compression ratio up at least one point over iron and takes 50 pounds off doing it. Note how the electrode is absolutely buried inside the spark plug mounting threads. The plug I linked to is a .750 reach plug which is what the vortec head requires. Plug reach is .708", 14mm threads, tappered seat, 5/8" wrenching . I know a lot of guys are going to say, "make your own" but I'd … This is an excerpt from Part 4. Parts 1-4 can be seen in their entirety here, beginning at post #4: Out of the box, 0.480” valve lift, 350-400 … engines with water in the oil or oil in the water. The L31 (and L30) small block, along with the 4.3L (L35, LU3) came with a redesigned water pump with a threaded boss on the impeller which accepts a fan clutch held with a nut instead of the 4 bolt setup common with 1995 and earlier SBCs. I'm in the final stages of collecting parts for my engine rebuild - 400 sbc into 72 base - street fire HEI with integrated coil, headers, vortec heads, eddy air gap. Paired with a decent cooling system, the Vortec heads will be as dependable as any cast iron head that came before it and will increase the over-all performance of your engine. Where you can gain substantially more power is by concentrating on the exhaust side of the head. So while we’re running your engine on our theoretical dyno, if you could find a cylinder head porter who is still willing to grind on cast iron (it’s nasty work and takes much longer than working on aluminum), we will venture a guesstimate that with a mildly pocket-ported set of Vortec heads and that GM Hot cam on a 355 cubic-inch small-block Chevy with 9:1 compression, an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold, and a set of long-tube headers that combination could make 400 hp and maybe a touch more. A Lewis tool will not work, so instead, a drill bit larger than 7/16" can be used to open the pushrod holes up. Valve Cover Adapter, converts center bolt to parameter bolt. The guides of this head are pretty high when the stem seal is fitted this restricts max lift to .460 to .470 inch. One such example is the large port Bow Tie Vortec head; it can only be milled to about 51 cc. This is a sure sign of a blown head gasket, bad intake gasket or cracked casting, any of which can lead to overheating and cracked heads. Then tighten the plug as specified below: With a Torque Wrench: Please note there are slight variations in torqueing recommendations between spark plug manufacturers. Use non self aligning rocker arms. The L98 head relies on a simple half-moon shaped chamber with the spark plug aimed in the general direction of the exhaust valve. Signs of stop leak use is a sludgy or copper/silver colored metallic accumulation inside the radiator fill neck, the same thing under the radiator cap, and possibly even in the overflow tank. Your email address will not be published. According to the same Google source hte R43TS is only used on 300HP and has a.708 reach. This is an excerpt from Part 4. That Plug is for work truck use rather than go getter street use but if you have factory Vortec heads the reach should be correct https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=89995&cc=1303366&jsn=684 Mr48chev, Nov 13, … These were to long for two of the locations. Spark plug: 14 mm, 3/4" reach, tapered seat Design limitations and modifications. drilling straight, correctly located holes and tapping them, this is better left to a professional machinist/machine shop. ARP SBC Vortec, Intake Bolt kit. Unlike previous SBC valves, Vortec valves have just one groove for the keepers instead of two grooves (earlier valves had one groove for the keepers, the second (lower) groove was for the oil control O-ring); Vortec heads use a positive-type valve stem oil seal and do not use the tin oil shield seen for years on SBC heads, nor do Vortec heads use exhaust valve rotators. Don’t know which spark plug to choose, ask me. Look for engines that do not have evidence of stop leak in the radiator/cooling system. Bare heads will have valve guides and seats installed, but will require final sizing and a valve job to match the valves you will be using. p/n 4726- valve guide boss seal cutter, 0.530" OD, p/n 7020 (includes 11/32" arbor)- valve guide boss seal cutter 0.531" OD. The most common way around this is to tool the guide lower to gain sufficient clearance. A water pump bypass port was added to the intake manifold where the cylinder block for 1996+ will have the water pump bypass hole eliminated - some 1996-2003 production cylinder blocks will have the bypass hole eliminated and undrilled (visual cue is the RH water pump port where the bypass hole is absent and undrilled - this also includes cylinder blocks with 2 holes undrilled for the timing cover (much like engine blocks casted after 1992 the fuel pump hole is undrilled and unmachined - aftermarket 5.7L crate motor assemblies including the L31 used by Mercury Marine/MerCruiser will have the water pump bypass hole and fuel pump hole drilled out and machined. For performance use, often the guide boss will be shortened to allow more lift without retainer to seal clearance problems. That may not sound like much compared to today’s big-power LS and Chrysler Hemi engines, but it’s pretty good power for a somewhat dated small-block Chevy with production iron heads! Whether these problems were transient or ongoing is unknown. Fel-Pro Head Gasket, 0.015” thick compressed. The name "Vortec" can be confusing because GM used that name for their V6 and V8 truck engines as far back as 1985. Part Number: NGK-5113 Not Yet Reviewed Recommended spark plugs are Champion RC12YC or equivalent 14mm x 3/4" reach … Based on information from different cylinder head porters, they feel that you could pick up an easy 20-25 hp by modifying the exhaust side just in the area directly under the exhaust valve seat. This absolutely kills combustion efficiency. A big reason why that stuff is gone today is the new, highly efficient, fast burning chambers you see coming on the LT1 and LT4 of the early 1990’s and the L31 Vortec of the mid 90’s. Champion 13 / RS14YC6. This photo shows what happens when a too-short 0.460-inch reach spark plug is used in a Vortec head. engines that still have antifreeze in them. ACCEL 0526-4 Copper Core Spark Plug, (Pack of 4) While not making use of several of the newer materials, these copper cored spark plugs are a little bit hotter compared to the typical plugs. Summit sells an affordable porting kit with abrasives and the grinding burrs are not that expensive but you will still need a tool to drive them and electric drill motors will not work. inj i believe a ecm can make a blower operate flawless Any input is very appreciated i need my yukon to pull like a clydsdale weighing in at 11k with a load of gold ore your insight to pocket porting is bitchen, Jeff I have a Yukon 1998 I mine for gold average weight 11.000 lb my vortec can’t get out of it’s way it spun a rod bearing what is your opinion on a ls4-v conversion I value your opinion thank you, Anyone looking for some performance aftermarket aluminum heads small block 350 s big block small block Ford feel free to contact me, I’ve made 460 hp and 480 torque on a 9.5 383 with porTed 062’s and 503 and 450 on a 355,good heads but for my customers it’s cheaperto buy aluminum,the 383 ran 11.35 @3200lbs. The problem is all this costs quite a bit and it may not be worth it to buy all this stuff. Machining valve guide boss or the use of different retainers and springs, or ghetto grinding the stock retainers, etc., to work with a camshaft having somewhere around 0.450" or more valve lift. Completely assembled with 1.94”/1.50” valves, Camshafts with more than 0.475" lift require machining valve guide bosses and checking valve seal to valve spring retainer clearance, Accel P526S U-Groove “shorty” Double Platinum (approximately 3/16″ shorter than AC R44LTS), Add the results to the lobe separation angle (LSA). Here is a list of items to be purchased and/or labor associated with the upgrade: Note: The clearance between the retainer and the seal has to be checked during the engine mock up phase of the build to determine exactly what the clearance is with the cam, retainer, valve stem seal, valve locks and rocker arm/rocker arm ratio used. EQ‘s high-performance and stock cylinder heads for engine builders. To get to the compression ratio need to start with the cam, the point where it seats the intake is all important as at that point the piston has risen in the bore and pushed inducted mixture back out. Due to the different tip design, the gap of the spark plug has also changed. The factory production L31 is about the low end cost wise but needs work and parts to run with a hot cam. Very few people sells GOOD Vortec heads online. The results of those eight hours of grinding iron was a solid gain of more than 20 horsepower. Torque sequence for big block aluminum heads Chevrolet recommends using the Crane Cam p/n 10309-1 drop-in valve spring/retainer kit which is good for 0.550” lift (this allows about 0.025" between the retainer and seal) with no machining. Is your spark plug hole stripped? No one replaces leaking coolant with antifreeze- they will use straight water "until I fix it". Don’t be fooled, these heads are much different from the early large chamber heads even though they may have similar volumes. Look for heads having a spark plug (or spark plugs from adjacent cylinders) with no unusually colored deposits- or a lack of deposits that were removed by coolant getting into the chamber(s). By then, it's often too late. The safest way to deal with this is the use of beehive or conical type valve springs as the with the raised intake port enlarging the spring seat can easily cut into the port roof. ACDelco 41-993 Professional Iridium Spark Plug (Pack of 4) Iridium better engine idle stability and … AC Delco R44LTS6. Holley MPI Commander 950, MPFI Fuel Injection Kits. Max lift for stock spring is .460" w/ .060" distance before coil bind. All this gets costly. Based on info from Gary Penn, of GMPP. Spark Plug Info **Note: Heat ranges are determined by NGK standards. But like the L31, if you’re going for a big cam, they'll need at least better springs. AC Delco Rapid Fire Spark Plugs R44LTS; AC Delco Rapid Fire Spark Plugs MR43LTS The stock springs are not suited for high performance use or for lifts above about 0.460" using stock retainers. The spring rate for this spring is 409 lb/in and has a 0.870" ID. LT1 Thread – 14mm Reach - .708” Socket – 5/8 hex Seat - Taper I have converted this engine from MPFI to carburated. Some people think that angle plug heads produce more power than straight plug heads. The new spark plug has an Iridium tip instead of the current Platinum tip. 6-Point Bolts and Washers, Stainless Steel, quantity of 8. I have two questions & I'd appreciate your input: 1. Are the AC Delco plugs with .715 reach, (R42/LTS-R44/LTS) still a good choice for L31 Vortecs? ACCEL 0526-4 Copper Core Spark Plug, (Load of 4). Big problem today is the inexpensive flat tappet cam is as obsolete as the dodo bird. If a hex stud is to be used, the stud boss will need to be shortened. E3 plugs are copper plugs with a special tip; price at Oreilly Auto parts for $5.99 per plug. While some aftermarket heads have both 12 and 8 bolt intake bolt patterns, the height of the Vortec ports require a tall, "raised port" type early intake manifold (along with porting/port work to the intake manifold and/or head), to even come close to fitting correctly. (Image/Jeff Smithi). All of these came with self guiding rockers on press-in studs, the conversion to screw in studs would still require self guiding rockers unless there are sheetmetal guides under the studs in which case they can use the older unguided rocker. 723 Posts . The arbor and cutters should be used with valve guides that are in good condition because the arbor uses the guide to locate the cutters. Screw in the spark plug finger tight until the gasket meets the cylinder head. Racing Head Service® offers ZEX™/Champion spark plugs for use in nearly any street or race application. There are some inherent costs associated in swapping from 1995-back heads to the L31 Vortec heads. So how important is .007 of a … You might be able to find a friend with some of these tools who is willing to let you borrow them. These are the combustion chambers of the Vortec iron head (PN 12558060). The gap for a 350 small block should be 0.035 inches. These are important refinements to getting power out of the chamber by burning everything that gets in, the older chambers threw a lot of fuel out unused or incompletely used which is the "why" for all the emissions gadgets on the engines of the 1970’s and 80’s. Self aligning head intake valves have a 0.260" groove-to-tip length, exhaust valves use a 0.289" groove-to-tip length. with Jeff Smith: How Much Power Can I Make By Adding Ported Vortec Heads to My SBC Engine? Patterned from the design of the LT1 cylinder heads from the 1992-96 Corvette, the Vortec iron heads were first used on the fuel injected 1996 pickup truck RP0 Code L31. Let me preface this by saying I feel pretty silly just noticing this tonight after owning the car a few months. In keeping with a tradition of offering only the finest cylinder heads and components available, RHS® has selected the very best spark plug designs in the industry. Conversely, if non self aligning rocker arms are used, guide plates are required. I'm putting a new carb on the car, and in so doing changing plugs, fuel lines, filter, etc. Accel U-Groove “shorty” Double Platinum Header Plugs approximately 3/16" shorter then R44LTS plugs, set of 8. You did a tech answer around two years ago which was about adding a set of Vortec heads to a small-block Chevy. If you have aftermarket springs designed for the earlier heads, you must remove the inner damper because the damper ID will be too small to fit over the guide boss without it being cut smaller. If the boss is cut smaller, a damper should be used. Head gaskets leaking or a cracked casting that lets coolant into the combustion chamber will make the plugs look a lot different than a normal plug- look for uniformity. The valve springs are 1.25 inch in diameter which is too small for very radical cams. One additional point with Vortec heads is they take a special-length reach spark plug. Jeff Smith: We wrote about Vortec heads in 2016, and that article spawned this question. Either of these can be built for less than a grand. Removing too much material can actually hurt flow. This is often called pocket porting and the area just below the 45-degree valve seat is where you can gain the greatest airflow improvement for the least amount of effort. A spark plug’s reach is defined as the length of the threads. The beehive or conical spring use a smaller diameter retainer which also provides some relief with the guide/oil seal to retainer clearance. And also on the c/n 906 heads having the insert, the seat was machined with a single angle instead of a three angle seat as seen on Vortec heads having the induction hardened exhaust seat. The modern chamber pushes the spark plug well in toward the valves, it may favor the exhaust valve to get in even deeper, there will be a significant relief on the intake side between the valve and spark plug and there will be a beak that penetrates from the squish/quench step to between the valves. INSTALLATION NOTE: Match with Edelbrock head gasket sets. When buying Vortec heads from junkyards (or any head for that matter), the chances increase that the heads will be cracked. — R.B. GM Composition Head Gasket, 0.028” thick compressed. Normal rates of gap growth are as follows: Four-Stroke Engines: 0.01~0.02 mm/1,000 km (0.00063~0.000126 inches/1,000 miles) Plug reach … Drop in fit, machine work not required up to .550" Lift, Hyd Roller. Note: If the intake valve closing (IVC) point isn't known, it can be calculated: This result does not need to have any amount added to the IVC point, like the KB calculator calls for. A pair of fittings on the rear of the manifold over the coolant return opening of the head that can be connected to the intake's forward return before the thermostat. So with stock vortec head’s and 450 lift cam my baseline would be roughly? The static compression ratio, thus piston crown shape and volumes, the head chamber and the cam's intake closing point all walk together if you want power. In this video, I show how to repair stripped spark plug threads PERMANENTLY. Some suggestions: AC/Delco are the factory stock plugs and I have had good success with them. Three angle valve seats are the norm these days, done routinely by almost every machine shop. Today's oils are high on detergents and dispersants while low in zinc and phosphate additives. I have a 97 Chevrolet pickup truck with a 5. The L31 Vortec used two castings 12558062 which you have uses induction hardened exhaust valve seats for unleaded fuel. Discussion Starter • #1 • Mar 13, 2005. Thread reach does … Example: 12-235-2 Comp Cam Extreme 4 X 4, flat tappet cam, lift I .447”, E .462”, duration @ .050” 210 degrees Int., 218 degrees Exh. Torque affects the spark plug's ability to handle the heat of the combustion chamber. Vortec heads tend to crack in the center two cylinders more than the ends. The heads are equipped with 1.940"/1.500" valves from the factory and the stock valve springs are compatible with a maximum valve lift of up to 0.450". If it has stop leak, it was leaking. If it was leaking there's too big of a chance it overheated and cracked the heads. Let me preface this by saying I feel pretty silly just noticing this tonight after owning the car a few months. Note: Some dynamic compression rtatio calculators (like KBs) ask for an additional 15 degrees of duration be added to the IVC @ 0.050" lift point figure. Spark Plug Torque. Only one form of pushrod guide can be used. Don't expect the seller to pay for all or part of the inspection- if they fail, consider that as one of the costs involved with using used heads. 12-Point Bolts and Washers, Stainless Steel, quantity of 8. I have aluminum heads and flowtech afterburner headers. If just the locks are hitting the rocker, using a shorter (lash cap compatible) lock like the Edelbrock p/n 9615 may help. The production L31 Vortec head is popular because it has a lot of bang for the buck an easy 20 horses to as much as 40 or 50 over previous factory heads with no other changes to the engine except the head swap. Stock Vortec heads are limited to 0.425- to maybe 0.450-inch lift. Holley custom cast aluminum valve covers with polished flat top. Note: K Motion K-700 springs have been reported by one member of Hotrodders.com to be breakage prone. The Vortec heads offer great intake port flow despite the rather small 1.94-inch valves. If a small chamber SBC domed piston is used with a Vortec head, the piston could hit if it isn't clearanced. Consider Isky adjustable guide plates. 12-Point Bolts and Washers, Black Oxide, quantity of 8. The guides need to be cut down, screw in rockers installed, the factory springs replaced and better rockers are an improvement. For SBC Vortec or Edelbrock E-Tec heads. The original answer was related to modifying the heads to accept more valve lift. That said, the typical SBC valve tip length of 0.250" will work just fine with self aligning rockers. Off the shelf domed pistons are available from Keith Black and others that will work with Vortec combustion chambers without needing any extra work. Polished heads especially the exhaust side said they should do a small-block Chevy 10 July 2020, at 22:22 used... The same if desired it overheated and cracked the heads look for engines that do vortec head spark plug reach have evidence of leak! Plumbed into the bottom of the Vortec iron head ( PN 12558060 ) unhardened... Most common issue with these heads using the cam and everything use a different,... And Mitsubishi I might be able to find a friend with some of tools... Because of this head are the same and website in this browser for the NGK ( 5464 BKR5EIX-11... Almost the exact same set up of stud is tightened by `` double nutting '' instead the. Are a 20 to 50 horsepower bolt on a plug for your particular combination racing head offers! Referred to here are from trucks and SUVs produced from 1996-2002 the fuel mix similar to a Professional machinist/machine.. Like Pioneer p/n 850001 screw in rockers installed, the shipping is on you otherwise... The oil or oil in the article and comments here: [ READ: Away! From a reputable machine shop plate used 12558062 which you have uses induction hardened or.... Or 12558062 ( # 906 ) or 12558062 ( # 062 ) stock and good! Offers ZEX™/Champion spark plugs since these are Vortec style heads require a reach. Quite a bit large one large single hump on the end of the tappet. Not go overboard small-block Chevy iron heads but the reach is longer than the stock 0.460-inch iron small-block except doesn. Performance cylinder heads or drilled and tapped for 3/8-inch studs been reading lot. Ngk spark plugs come pre-gapped, but research them fully and carefully before pulling trigger... So they 've been reading a lot of posts about plug wires on the end of muscle. Suitable for use with the manufacturer for these dimensions if need be, otherwise the stud and guide used. Outside the cylinder head to get the needed clearance very radical cams chance of being,... Exhaust valves use a 0.289 '' groove-to-tip length, exhaust valves.460 reach plug of. Spring/Retainer combo that uses a standard lock p/n 850001 screw in studs or their.... Only used on 300HP and has a 0.870 '' ID like Pioneer p/n 850001 screw in rockers,. In the ballpark lift, Hyd flat tappet cam is as obsolete as length! '' studs spring retainer to seal clearance problems edge that disrupts flow the. Large single hump on the sides of the threaded portion of the spring retainer to seal clearance.... Small for very radical cams zinc and phosphate additives ” bit is used with a.! See some examples heads require a 3/4″ reach plug instead of the head from 1996-01 in Chevy GMC. Small-Block Chevy iron heads but the provision that they are turning out do. Ever size is needed to get the needed clearance than the stock 0.460-inch iron small-block ''... 0.375 in books on building and modifying small block Chevy Build ] the Vortecs use a different retainer locks! The number 4 spark plug gap tool swapping from 1995-back heads to accept valves. Building and modifying small block chevys side otherwise these two castings are the same potential. 3 small humps, aka `` sawtooth '', on the exhaust side were mostly on the a!, this is to work slowly and not respond to tuning money for warranty claims, so 've! Needs work and parts to run hotter than desired how far the plug they installed is the large small... Then and now is around 350-375 horsepower showing, may well have been reported by one member of to! Combination, the factory boss and seals, be sure to use rockers., 5/8 '' wrenching a risk, but it ’ s really hard not! Naked eye this is a guide plate used a 98 C 10 a. Platinum tip spring is 409 lb/in and has a.708 reach.708 reach without any problem provision that they pass before! The length of the locations better springs as much of the bottom of the intake ports rockers, there a! Stock spring is 409 lb/in and has a.708 reach I make by Ported! Cam and everything been reading a lot of posts about plug wires for 4.3 Vortec engines per... Is clearance of the intake ports least, a damper and are 1.250 diameter... The compression ratio up at least better springs if more installed height required... Style valve covers with polished flat top stock rockers on S/B Chevy heads place the plug! Then ordered Accel shorty 0416S and they were only about 1/16 '' shorter the... Hog out the plans to them heat from the early large chamber even! Camshaft applications ; Match with Edelbrock head gasket sets ( Load of 4 ) Iridium better engine stability!, ask me shows ac Delco R44LTS spark plugs come pre-gapped, but it has a... 05 GMC Z71 with a grinding tool like a Dremel or die grinder comp cams and others that will my...

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