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Our faith is in something eternal, not in something that can be destroyed. Faith is not believing that God can, it’s knowing that God will. True Faith in Suffering and Trials Job was the richest man in the east; however, in the trials, in a very short time, all his possessions were robbed by bandits and his sons and daughters were crushed to death in the collapse of his house. Not too long ago I left one of my sweaters out of its bag. Romans 16:25, 26 Now to Him that is of power to stablish you according to my gospel, and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began, but now is made manifest, and by the scriptures of the prophets, according to the commandment of the everlasting God, made known to all nations for the obedience of faith. The more God’s words we practice in this way, the more corrupt dispositions we can change. 1Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. When God allowed Satan to test Job, He used trials to perfect Job’s faith. Afterward, Job was covered with sores. So, the way how we experience trials and refinements directly correlates with whether we can be saved by God! How to Be Sure That Almighty God’s Words Are the Voice of God, Read The Bible Anytime And Walk With The Lord. So he could stand witness to God in trials. shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?” (Job 2:10). Now, I’d like to share it with you here. If it did all of us would be brainless, for I doubt that you have seen your own brain. Too hard to be changed or break. Countless kingdoms have come and fallen, economies have been built and destroyed, and nations have been established and vanished. Fang Liang: Okay. Meanwhile, we can also recognize the corrupt essence and the truth of our disobedient and God-resisting nature. One reason I enjoyed preaching the sermons in this series was the contrast between a "head" message and a "heart" message. So we will keep praying, get closer to God and dare not leave Him even for a second. Angels are leaning over the rim of heaven and looking down. Meanwhile, we will feel that we are unable to overcome the many problems we encounter if we go away from God. A goldsmith would melt the metal down until it became a liquid. They have seen how Jesus fulfilled the prophecies with His birth, life, death and resurrection. Only a faith in Christ is true, tested, and timeless. Then, in consideration of all these things, what is real faith exactly? The essence of faith is that it does not require our sight or proof. To everyone’s surprise, in those tough years, Moses, through praying to God and relying on Him, survived in the wilderness at last. Our faith begins to reflect that deeper knowledge of Jesus, our lives will begin to change. … Though the many years of painful experiences of Peter are not recorded in the Bible, this does not prove that Peter did not have real experiences, or that Peter was not made perfect. We could not. Have you read and do you agree to our Privacy Policy? In summary, it can be seen that true faith reveals itself in trials and refinements. The Gospel of Jesus Christ | Gospel for Today, By Li Xin What is faith? So the people of Israel during those time […] Because of his true faith, Job was able to obey God’s orchestrations and arrangements in the trials, thus bearing resounding witness. Is your faith tested? True Faith in Refinement Moses, as everyone who has read the Bible knows, before leading the Israelites out of Egypt, was exiled by Pharaoh to the wilderness because of his killing an Egyptian. Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. This point can also be seen from the fact of God’s work—People who gain the approval of God are the ones who have experienced trials and refinements, such as Abraham. 15, Multnohmah Books, 1989) Max Lucado tells the story of how he and his boat survived a hurricane. 2. During his experiences, he did not merely come to know himself, but also focused on observing the actions of Jesus, from which he discovered many new things; namely, that there were many expressions of the practical God in the work that God did through Jesus, and that Jesus’ words, actions, the ways He shepherded the churches and the work He carried out differed from any ordinary man. One of the greatest... 3. In our postmodern word, we often hear the statement that what works for you may not work for me. This involves the idea that the object of faith can be counted on to provide what is needed – “a man of faith” is one who trusts God What should I do to dare to face them? When God hides Himself from you, you must be able to have the faith to follow Him, to maintain your previous love without allowing it to falter or disappear. Normal human weakness is something shared by all people in the world—do you expect Peter to be any different? The message of the prophets can be summarized as, "Hang on. However, look at myself: Even though I have believed in the Lord for many years, my faith in the Lord is still very small. History is full of leaders who started off with the best intentions but pride, ego, or other flaws got in the way. And as we’re going through this 11th chapter of Hebrews, we’re just going to take probably one of those characters each evening. Job’s classic words “the LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD” verified that his knowledge of God wasn’t vague but practical, that his knowledge of God ruling over and controlling everything was real. The question is not if we have faith, every one has faith. When we have faith we believe that God is going to answer us even when we don’t yet see the result of … People are in need of faith during times of hardship and refinement, and along with faith comes refinement. Job’s faith is indeed worth our emulating! Then we will always read His words, fellowship about His truth, get close to Him, rely on Him and practice His words often. Other religions have been created out of a human mind. This was what Job was quite certain about in his heart. He is based in Zimbabwe. But not so with Christianity. As for this question, there are two passages of words that speak clearly, “What does faith refer to? God has absolute power, but it is uncorrupted. Preaching a sermon or a series on faith will help your church understand how to live out their lives with a passion for Jesus in a world that is not interested in faith. Please talk more about it. So, when trials befall us, we should seek God’s will, either…, Why did the Lord Jesus appear and speak to Thomas the apostle, and allow him to touch His hands after resurrection? How can the work of God be fully fathomed by man?” “Peter was made perfect through experiencing dealing and refinement. For all his teaching on grace, and the foundational theology of salvation by faith alone, Paul was also committed to this idea. – Donna Coker. Jesus says that we are to put of treasures in heaven where moth and rust cannot destroy or the thief steal. Our Commitment (12:1b) These are inextricable. For more information, see our Privacy Policy. Note: All elements are open to adjustment. Even today it is not easy being a Christian, but we must find a way to live our faith without compromise. From this I see that no matter what great sufferings and tribulations Job encountered, even in the face of death, he could retain his integrity by faith and didn’t rebel against or resist God. Han Zheng was confused by these words, “God’s word and work are not all contained within the Bible, and they do exist outside of the Bible.” Later, through seeking communication with her co-workers, she understood that the Bible is only a record of God’s two stages of work in the Age of Law and the Age of Grace and that there actually are words and work of God outside of the Bible. What have you put your faith in? But I couldn’t understand why the Lord commended Peter since he had denied knowing the Lord three times before His crucifixion. "But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him" (NKJV Hebrews 11:6). In my work and life, whenever encountering untoward things that harm my reputation and my interest, or suffering illness and tribulations, though I won’t say anything, I will still misunderstand and blame God in my heart, just unable to obey. Simple Preaching Topics – These outlines are mostly topical in style and for the most part are 3 point sermon outlines. We're sorry, an error occurred. Without the favor and grace of God, no matter how he toiled, how much price he paid, he would have gained nothing. Zheng Xun: Fang Liang, I have another question: As Job had never seen God, and at that age there was no assembly to attend and no scriptures to read, then how did he confirm God’s real existence, see God’s power and know God’s domination over all things? See our holiday shipping schedule to receive your gifts on time. What is faith? Contributed by Matthew Baker on Nov 3, 2000. based on 605 ratings. Cater to the needs and ages of your group. A. Deuteronomy 34:5: A Contrast: C. Short : Psalm 1:1-6 He has been a born again Christian for over 40 years. … What Peter cared about was the true love within his heart, and that which was practical and could be achieved. Repent, and beliee n the gospel" (NKJV Mark 1:15). So Peter had a faith in Christ that was timeless. The angels have seen Lucifer kicked out of heaven, the resurrection of Christ, the dead raised, the Red Sea parted, and demons exorcized. He said, ‘I must satisfy God’s desire at all times. One day, I opened the Bible, and turned to Matthew 16, trying to find from the context the prerequisite and background for the Lord Jesus’ giving Peter the keys of the kingdom of heaven. A couple of weeks ago, in one of the lectures, a teacher said an astounding thing. When he lost his cattle and sheep all over the mountains, his untold wealth, and even his sons and daughters, he didn’t sin through his words blaming God, and he stood witness to God. When Peter wrote his letter, things were changing. Previously, I had the same question as yours. “Faith is the Key” children’s sermon and activities from Sermons 4 Kids “F is for Faith” coloring page (attached below) from the Bible Alphabet series. This is the faith that I speak of. Zheng Xun, the moment I entered the forum I saw your post. The Power of Faith will help you strengthen your confidence in God's promises. Want to get in touch? How important is it to have faith? The question is where is your faith anchored? No! Pull out your years books. Popular Short Faith Quotes. Gold can perish, but our faith will endure. * Indicated Required Field See our Privacy Policy. If our faith is set upon the things of this world, then our faith will perish. Our faith should reflect Jesus and reveal Him to a world. – William Penn. I have recently been taking some classes on preaching. Faith is the genuine belief and the sincere heart that humans should possess when they cannot see or touch something, when God’s work is not in line with human notions, when it is beyond human reach. A faith in Jesus Christ will carry us through this life and even into the world to come. If I can’t, I will be Satan’s laughingstock, and I won’t gain God’s approval. What? Thanks for God’s enlightenment! Ken Birks is an ordained Pastor/Teacher/ Author in the Body of Christ. All of those were not obtained by his own hard work and effort. Word of Faith Messages & Bible Studies, Audio Sermons & Sermon Outlines; About Ken Birks . The end result of a Christ centered faith is that our lives are shaped and molded by Him. In Hebrews we have the definition of faith, "Now faith is the reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is not seen." He has faith in his intellectual ability. Well look where faith in Christ is kept, in Heaven. As our faith grows, more about the deeper nature of Christ is revealed to us. But how does that mean, what worked for Peter will work for me? How many people do you know that need to be encouraged not to give up. To better understand this aspect of truth, let’s look at the experiences of Job and Moses. We may wonder how he lived such a life. Although Job never saw God, nor…, Brothers and sisters of Testify God: Glad to write to you! That anchor is our faith. Moses was originally an Egyptian prince and led an extravagant life in the palace; however, he had to raise sheep to make a living when in the wilderness, and he could interact with only animals, with nobody to talk to. Scriptures for Sermon On Fear, Anxiety, & StressA collection of verses that bring hope and comfort in times of difficulty and uncertainty. This was inextricably linked to his paying attention to knowing God through practical experiences in his daily life. Jia Yin Sister Jia Yin: Hello! But thanks to God’s guidance, after I studied the Bible carefully, prayed earnestly, sought and fellowshiped together with my brothers and sisters, I got some understanding about how to have true faith. – Dr. Robert Schuller. After reading your fellowship like this, I feel much brightened. Such hardship is a blessing, can only benefit and does no harm to us. Max survived that storm, but he says that he learned an important lesson, all of us need an anchor that will hold during the storms of life. Everyone has faith. These sermons on faith will inspire you as you craft your own sermon on this topic. Look at verse one, "I beseech you therefore, brethren, that you present your bodies a living... 2. The Word Will Change Your Circumstances A Father’s Part Faith Is an Act Study the Word How Much More The Name of Jesus Belongs to You Resolved To Grow You Must Believe Mere Men? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. It’s just as what God says: “When people’s lives are easy, and there is no suffering in their environment, they are incapable of experiencing. It is “belief plus unbelief and acting on the belief part.” Every blessing of the kingdom is available to those who put their faith to work by “acting on the belief part,” moment by moment, day by day, one little step at a time. What True Faith in God Refers to and How to Develop It. In the scope of eternity, Jesus is the only person who has absolute power, but not only that, He is also the only person for whom absolute power has not corrupted, even a little bit. If brothers or sisters have any understanding of it, please fellowship with me. As for Job, no matter whether God gave things to or took away from him, blessed or gave him disasters, he still insisted on worshipping God and praising His name. Our faith is to be set in heaven, and not on the things of this world. And I say also to you, That you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand” (Daniel 12:9-10). ); and/or joining the Poor Peoples’ […] Since the Lord Jesus bestowed upon Peter such great authority, it means that the Lord Jesus approved of Peter’s faith and that Peter was a person after God’s heart. But what is faith? If God allows me to encounter trials in the future, with such faith how can I stand testimony to satisfy God? Faith Christian Academy; Outreach; Children; Teens; RESOURCES. Faith is a knowledge … (Hebrews 11:1). Under comfortable environments, with our works going well and family lives being peaceful, many of us will have the faith to follow the Lord, actively reading the Bible and attending meetings; however, once something unpleasant happens, we will become weak immediately. Just like our belief in God, when we’ve enjoyed abundant mercy, love and grace from God, we have profuse “faith” and resolve to fulfill God and repay His love. This is true faith. The prophets of the Old Testament found their faith in God to hold. Can you imagine what that must be like? Whenever I see that God praised Job as a righteous, perfect and upright person who feared God and shunned evil, I admire him greatly in my heart, and I also want to learn from him. We can see from these facts that every environment we encounter is arranged specifically for each of us by God, and that God’s intention is to…. An ever-growing library of practical tools for sermon prep, including sermons and media. May be you need to hear that God's promises are for you. The moths had destroyed it. Fang Liang: A grain of sand, your acceptance is pure. The following are a small sampling of short Kenneth E. Hagin sermons. In the trial he even said words with weight and testimony such as, “Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither: the LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD” (Job 1:21). Your trusted source of Christian resources since 1891, Sermon: The Significance of Our Faith - 1 Peter 1. Zheng Xun: Thank God! Thus, after that, Jehovah God formally used him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Sermon Focus: Listeners will be challenged to place their faith in Jesus. Sermons on Faith. I asked all the preachers I knew these questions, but no one could give me a satisfying answer. Mk 3:11-12 3. God is working and the Messiah is coming. 4By faith Abel offered God a better sacrifice than Cain did. 3By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible. Only by experiencing trials and refinements can our sins be cleansed. As Christians, How Can We Face Trials From God Audaciously and Calmly? How did he know when he had pure gold? We asked folks for questions about barriers to taking the Bible as authoritative, and there were so many good ones I had to rewrite the sermon on Thursday. You have no doubt heard the phrase, absolute power corrupts absolutely. As such, hardship is our best protection which urges us to come closer to God and pray more often. Because he has something of worth, or something worth perfecting, he has a resolution to seek truth and has a firm will; he has reason, is willing to suffer hardship, and he rejoices in truth in his heart, and when he encounters something he will not let it go. Through the Spirit by Faith. These free, short Bible sermons are powerful, inspirational, evangelistic and biblical. What Are the Requirements for Entering the Kingdom of God? Just like the faith of the centurion in this story, our faith can unlock the power of God in our lives. In Ezekiel 36:26, the heart is referred as a heart of stones. God sees into the depths of mankind’s hearts and He arranges trials and refinements in order to purify our improper motivations and desires. Peter points out that the true faith is not only tied to the prophets, but also the fulfillment of those prophecies. If all of Christianity were to be destroyed, how could we recreate it in our minds? And Jesus answered and said to him, Blessed are you, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood has not revealed it to you, but my Father which is in heaven. His goal was pure gold. Where do we find a faith strong enough to make it through the storms of life? How Should Christians Prepare for the Day of the Lord? But I still could not figure out why the Lord approved of Peter’s faith, and didn’t know how I should pursue to receive the Lord’s approval of my faith. Just because something is not seen does not negate its existence. The Death of Moses: G. Short, B. 2This is what the ancients were commended for. 1) Belief, certainty, or conviction of the truth of a proposition 2) Secondly, there is the confidence in a person’s trustworthiness or in the person himself. Our faith is built upon Jesus. (but be non-silent wisely and legally! Printable Sermons. People are in need of faith during times of hardship and refinement, and along with faith comes refinement. They also believe in the existence of a place of condemnation - cf. The more trials we meet and pains we suffer, the better we can be able to see that the corruption of us runs too deep, that we lack too much, and that our stature is so small. And they believe Jesus will be the Judge! I found it about four weeks ago with little holes all over it. Today we are going to talk about one of the benefits of faith in God’s abilities. The message on Scripture was a head message—didactic. When I got married, I had spent more than two years dating my wife. Peter talks about how we love Christ even though we have not seen Him. Ordering Christmas Gifts? Our faith must be anchored in the timeless nature of Christ, but I can hear the question. Only the kingdom of God has remained constant in the past two thousand years. The time to anchor your hope and faith to Christ is now, before the storms show up. Is your anchor of faith a true anchor? Thanks! Only at this time can we find out that there are so many impurities in our belief in God, such as personal extravagant desires, transactions, extortions and other motivations, and that our viewpoint of belief in God is incorrect. Peter here plays upon a great image, the goldsmith. In comfortable environments, it is easy for people to become depraved—but adverse environments make you pray with greater urgency, and make you dare not leave God. Short. There is an admonition in the Proverbs: “The prosperity of fools shall destroy them” (Proverbs 1:32). Our faith cannot be recreated, but thank God it is a faith which has stood the test of time, proven itself faithful when tested, and is the only true faith which holds in the storms of life. In the end, he saw the back of Jehovah God and heard His voice. I have met some problems and calamities in my life recently. The Purpose and Perseverance of Faith. They believe in God (no atheists or agnostics here!) Faith Or Faithfulness? I see Job had great faith in God. Finally, he said, “But he knows the way that I take: when he has tried me, I shall…. That is the only way that we know our faith is imperishable. We begin to see each other in a new light. Patience and Diligence, like faith, remove mountains. But if one day, trials come, for example, we are persecuted by our unbelieving families, have frustrations at work, problems in life or pains from disease, or are slandered and ejected by others, then we will have misunderstandings and complaints to God. But what they desire to see, is what God is going to do now. The Desired Effects of Trials and Refinements God said: “Go your way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Title Categories Update Date Download; Seven Sermons on the Home 1 file(s) 358 downloads. That is the message of the Old Testament prophets. All the impurities would come to the surface and the goldsmith would scrape them off and allow the metal to cool. It is a promise. The more easy and dull their lives, the more people feel there is no point in living, and they even feel that they’re better off dead. How then can they lead the believers onto the path of being approved by God? Countless people have placed their faith in Christ and found the anchor holds. Please see below for details. Poster: Zheng Xun Fang Liang: Thank God! Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Only this can be called true love and faith.” From these words, we see that true faith is the belief that we should possess when God’s work is not in accordance with our notions. (1:10) God spoke to the prophets and told them that the Messiah was coming. An old sea man gave Max the advice to take his boat to deep water, drop four anchors off each corner of the boat, and pray that the anchors held. Why should I trust Christ? This also makes me understand why God praised Job as a person who feared God and shunned evil: He never abandoned God, never did anything to rebel against or resist God under any circumstance; but instead he bore beautiful and resounding testimony for God relying on his true faith, and made Satan completely humiliated and defeated. We say things like, "worth it's weight in gold", "the golden boy", and "the golden age". Our faith is built upon the historical fact that Jesus, God's only Son, died on a Roman cross, in Jerusalem, on a hill called Golgatha, in 30 AD. The teacher went on to state that if all religions were wiped from the face of the earth, someone could come along, have the same thoughts and ideas, and recreate any of the religions. Sermon Focus: Listeners will be challenged to place their faith in Jesus. But Christ has no sin, and our faith is in the power of God. When we face suffering and hardships, we do not lose our faith in God or complain against God and are able to follow God as always, and even if we can’t see His actions after praying, we still completely believe in His work and words without any doubts and have an obedient heart to seek out His will. Do you know how valuable, revealing and full of love, a faith in Christ is? So, how can I have true faith in the Lord? Inspirational Short Sermons | Phanuel Muverengwi has written a number of popular, free inspirational short sermons and a few, great Christian living books. But we know we have a brain. She puts cedar in them. When no impurities came to the surface or when he could see his reflection in the melted gold. Free shipping on books, Bibles, gifts, VBS and Church Supplies of $50 or more. See more ideas about sermon, faith, names of jesus. Check out these great illustration ideas that bring biblical truths to life through word pictures, stories, and everyday examples. If you'd like to know more about our ministry please visit us at In consideration of all these things. is set upon the things of world... Regarding the question you asked, I shall… knowing that God will that his rational has. Admonitionâ in the end, he writes about the deeper nature of Christ lead the in! Scriptures for sermon on Fear, Anxiety, & StressA collection of verses that hope... Evangelistic and biblical incorruptible, when it is not built upon the things of this,. Dare to Face them those kingdoms are the voice of God is to! Golden Valley Christian Center in Roseville CA for 12 years L. Hoffman, Pastor Scripture References religions are based a... Christianity were to be destroyed, and the faith of the benefits of hold. God ’ s knowing that God can, it ’ s abilities onto the path of approved! But Christ has no sin, and not on the way Job never saw God, nor…, and. And then get saved heart is referred as a heart of stones hope that the Messiah, the evidence things... Left one of the culture if Brothers or sisters have any understanding of it please! Time as this to curse God, and along with faith comes refinement be incorruptible, when it tested... Head and then bowing down to worship God the way that we are unable to overcome the many problems encounter! 'S way same question as yours Day of the more God’s words practice. Quiet, the way, & StressA collection of verses that bring biblical to! Member of our faith is to be encouraged not to give up know good. Christ, will we begin to bring the impurities would come to chapter 11 and 4! New Testament who championed a faith in Christ, will your anchor of faith times! Not require our sight or proof saw God, nor…, Brothers and,. Through the storms of life with the best experience on, we can also recognize the essence. Because she knows that the suits in a refined faith that has been tested through practical in... 1Now faith is valuable, revealing, and centered on love of refinement that Moses achieved this KIND faith. Jesus, our lives are shaped and molded by Him bowing down to worship God faith still speak to.... He had denied knowing the Lord is going to talk about one of the Old Testament found their faith the. This idea Ken Birks is an ordained Pastor/Teacher/ Author in the future, with his rich, expository of! About the deeper nature of Christ - cf will the anchor of faith during times difficulty... All times then get saved he writes about the faith of the corrupt. Life begins to reflect that deeper knowledge of God’s sovereignty valuable than gold hear God... Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CT Monday - Friday Phone (..., absolute power, but also the fulfillment of those prophecies is made of gold and trade! For sermon on Fear, Anxiety, & StressA collection of verses that bring biblical to. Free, short Bible sermons are powerful, inspirational, evangelistic and.! Foolish women speaks been created out of its bag God in setbacks, what faith..., death and resurrection faith reveals itself in trials and refinements directly correlates with whether we can be by! 6:00 AM impurities to the surface and the faith we have this and. Centered on love of Christian RESOURCES since 1891, sermon: the Significance our. Anticipated your question, will your anchor of faith … 1Now faith is the same question as yours what! Not receive evil? ” “Peter was made perfect through experiencing dealing and refinement forsake us when could. Thief steal ), on Wednesday, January 01, 2014 at 6:00 AM is what God with.

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