lumber and building materials department basics answers

a) 2 ii) high tensile strength In the construction of arches, sand box method is used for c) brick bats The stretcher bond in brick masonry can be used only when the thickness of wall is 1x (pronounced one-by) lumber is your lumber for craft projects. And these suppliers can provide everything you need. c) (iii) and (iv) c) calcium hydroxide c) weight test As per IS specifications, the maximum final setting time for ordinary Portland cement should be Plz send me pdf I am Final student of Civil Engineering. c) mild steel Ans: d, 46. Bill has 4 jobs listed on their profile. a) 190 mm x 90mmx 80 mm c) quartz a) parallel to grains 2,157 Lumber Building Material Department Manager jobs available on d) 1.2 m a) 10 minutes The preparation of surface of stone to obtain plain edges or to obtain stones of required size and shape is known as Which of the following gradients exerts maximum influence on properties of steel? The type of flooring suitable for use in churches, theatres, public libraries and other places where noiseless floor covering is desired is c) ridge Ans: d, 10. c) English bond Ans: a, 7. c) starshakes d) 150 mm Sir kya 71 no Question ka answer sahi hai, sir plz plz send me pdf file of building materials and RCC structure d) perpendicular to the direction of bedding planes Designer kitchen, bath, and lighting showroom. a) (i) and (iv) d) it is suitable when bricks are required in large numbers The most common admixture which is used to accelerate the initial set of concrete is c) compact sand stone a) setting time of cement c) varnish Ans: c, 76. d) A is false but R is true Ans: c, 64. Ans: b, 35. d) a vertical member between two treads Ans: a, 80. b) calcium oxide a) mortise and tennon joint Ans: a, 83. a) 5% The percentage of alumina in a good brick earth lies between The U.S. Department of Commerce recently set new antidumping and countervailing duties for Canadian softwood lumber an average rate of 8.9% after completing its first administrative review on softwood lumber … d) quartzite d) none of the above Ans: b, 40. Superb questions .sir please send me pdf if would be possible. We feature a full line retail store, lumber yard, comprehensive product showrooms featuring windows, doors, and … c) (i) and (ii) c) dressing of stones Pug mill is used for Performed overnight stocking duties for the garden, lumber, and building materials departments during the summer. c) tricalcium aluminate ii) better resistance to freezing and thawing b) 0.4 liter The correct answer is c) 6 hours d) none of the above d) skewbacks d) anchor pile Select your answer according to the coding system given below : d) 14.0 N/mm2 c) 5 a) mulberry b) draining the soil b) Both A and R are true and R is not a correct explanation of A. Which of the following bricks are used for lining of furnaces ? Ans: d, 137. in 1928. d) 70 to 80% Ans: b, 70. c) adding water to quick lime c) calcium carbonate The important test to be conducted on a stone used in docks and harbors is- Ans: b, 65. Ans: b, 63. c) sand stone c) calcium carbonate Which of the following represents a metamorphic rock? WOOD AS A BUILDING MATERIAL 2.1 WOOD AS A CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL Wood is an organic material, produced by a large number of woody plants and quite variable in properties. Provided customer service throughout the lumber and building materials department. Ans: a, 12. Ans: b, 95. Fiberglass is heavier, but can be used safely when working with electrical work. c) striking of centring Le Chatelier’s device is used for determining the Please send me PDF of interview questions… Regularly…. c) medullary rays d) rindgalls Ans: b, 129. b) there is a horizontal tie at the feet of rafters only d) replace the poor soil Ans: d, 8. a) silicious rock b) sheet pile d) burning of bricks The nominal size of the modular brick is b) plain regions d) gypsum c) (ii) and (iii) The proportions of lime and sand in the mortar normally used in brick construction are c) has greater impact resistance to blows than ordinary wood b) 7.0 N/mm2 a) dicalcium silicate Ans: b, 112. Ans: a, 34. 2 grade lumber relates to appearance and strength characteristics. d) 1:8 a) arches require more headroom to span the openings like doors, windows etc. Quartitze is a The disease of dry rot in timber is caused by The function of cleats in a roof truss is Ans: b, 133. Natural woody debris and burnt firewood are not considered d) lime and iron a) 25 mm Your email address will not be published. c) there is a horizontal tie at almost the middle of rafters only d) compressive strength of cement b) 2 c) both (i) and (iii) The maximum number of steps in a flight should generally be restricted to b) gable The slump recommended for mass concrete is about Ans: c, 39. a) 5 to 10% h�2��P0P0��T0�T0�2M�ll���S���J�C2sS�u��sR. c) remains same ii) aqueous rock Ans: c, 43. Ans: d, 21. c) iron ore, coal and lime stone 3 1/2" concrete filled post, (2 words) 14. metal sheet used between roofing and siding: 15. portland _____ 18. sand and cement (2 words) 20. drywall corner enforcer. c) alumina and iron d) bonded joint Ans: c, 111. Plywood is made by bonding together thin layers of wood in such a way that the angle between grains of any layer to grains of adjacent layers is (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Engineering interview questions,Mcqs,Objective Questions,Class Lecture Notes,Seminor topics,Lab Viva Pdf PPT Doc Book free download. d) to prevent the tie beam from sagging at its centre c) to render the concrete more water tight b) rubble masonry c) enhancing the impermeability of bricks b) 100 MPa Select your answer according to the coding system given below : c) (ii) and (iii) b) top face Crushing strength of a good building stone should be more than Based on the following rocks and minerals, select the correct statement, quartz, shale, basalt, granite, marble, gypsum, mica c) 60 minutes b) silica Single flemish bond consists of c) 100 mm d) heart wood Excess of silica in brick earth results in c) 200 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm i) slow in setting Ans: b, 148. In a colar beam roof b) two directions with break in the slope on each side c) roads d) it has less crushing strength We use engineered panels that are covered for 10 yrs. b) tricalcium silicate d) 40 b) 3 a) linseed oil a) cracking and warping of bricks b) outer projecting edge of a tread Ans: c, 131. The maximum total settlement for raft foundation on clayey soils should be limited to a) hip a) friction pile Ans: b, 50. c) 190 mm Higher pitch of the roof d) no limit c) complete submergence in water h�b``�e``Je`e`��� �� �@Q��3\zW&/*�S����@�PŁy\�_��˃ :��ǚ��0�)��G�B�L�5�I�>��^s��a5�k��.Wr��wd�;���wuWew���%�\�iF �` ��.d wood building materials have over other common building materials (e.g., steel, concrete) from an embodied energy and carbon footprint standpoint (Lippke et al. b) lime stone Specialized in the wood and building materials department. a) coastal regions a) less than 1 c) a sloping member which supports the steps in a stair a) 90 mm c) it has less initial cost The type of pile which is driven at an inclination to resist inclined forces is known as 1 and No. c) gambrel roof The most commonly used retarder in cement is Study the following statements. Ans: a, 126. d) 200 mm x 200 mm x 100 mm d) mansard roof Ans: c, 99. b) there is no sedimentary rock b) 30° Ans: b, 102. d) greater than 1.5 Ans: b, 147. Which of the following pairs gives a correct combination of the useful and harmful constituents respectively of a good brick earth ? a) less a) dicalcium silicate Ans: c, 47. Ans: d, 41. c) covering large areas Ans: c, 81. d) sulphate resisting cement d) zigzag bond d) all of the above b) (ii) and (iii) c) both (i) and (ii) d) none of the above Ans: c, 144. c) 50 to 60% The differences between Select Structural, No. c) Lime and H20 a) Both A and R are true and, R is the correct explanation of A. Paints with white lead base are suitable for painting of OTHER SUPPLIERS When assembling your cost estimate for materials, you may need other building material suppliers such as: b) 3.5 m Ans: a, 108. b) 20% Ans: a, 14. a) only (iii) c) 60° and 10° c) gypsum b) 10% to 12% Couple close roof is suitable for maximum span of a) 0.2 liter i will be thankful if you provide me the question n answer in pdf of materials,concrete technology and engineering economics..i will be waiting for your response.. i will b thankful if u provide me the pdf of materials, concrete technology and engineering economics with answer.. ..i will b waiting for your reply.. Sir its more use full my life plese send me pdf file 1.material of construction and 2. d) none of the above a) it can not be polished c) voussoirs Ans: c, 121. a) the underside of a stair ii) Fat lime is suitable for whitewashing, c) tricalcium silicate iii) lesser workability Ans: b, 84. d) chir and deodar Ans: c, 48. a) greater tensile strength in longer direction d) C02 and calcium Ans: b, 146. JOB DUTIES: deliver lumber and building materials to customer job sites, work in yard building loads, handle inventory and assist customers in the yard, operate forklifts and commercial delivery trucks, ability… to lift 100 pounds, forklift,delivery truck, lumberyard and building material knowledge preferred Job Type: Full-time Pay: $11.00… Which of the following stresses is used for identifying the quality of structural steel ? (2 words) 9. ceiling system for hanging panels: 11. tubular concrete form: 13. Building Materials and Construction Objective Type Questions :: 76. Ans: b, 74. b) 40 mm i) results in stronger roof Ans: b, 87. b) rough dressing of stones a) single flemish bond Ans: b, 22. c) pugging The differential settlement in case of foundations on sandv soils should not exceed a) 1:2 d) 40° and 25° a) 10% b) feldspar b) quartzite d) 520 N/mm2 Compared to mild steel, cast iron has b) 45° to grains h�bbd```b``�"�@$� c) spandril c) iron Ans: a, 18. 7A of the California Building Code Reference Materials: New Building all building material employees, including those in sales, Please send me _____copy/copies of the Lumber and uilding Material Reference Manual. Ans: d, 104. b) half the width of stairs Apply to Lumber Associate, Customer Service Representative, Assistant Manager and more! d) 10 hours b) low heat cement Lumber And Building Materials Reference Manual might not make exciting reading, but Lumber And Building Materials Reference Manual comes complete with valuable specification, instructions, information and warnings. a) two directions without break in the slope on each side b) tricalcium silicate iii) silicious rock d) all (i), (ii) and (iii) And answers These suppliers will help you in creating a cost estimate. b) finer grinding c) perpendicular to grains b) glass flooring b) 450 a) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A. c) equal Ans: b, 120. b) cupshakes a) equal to width of stairs ii) shale a) brick laid with its length parallel to the face or direction of wall a) (i) and (ii) d) granite d) scutch d) there are two horizontal ties, one at the feet and other at the middle of the rafters a) only (i) d) 100 mm b) 260N/mm2 a) wood work Advantage of a clamp compared to a kiln for burning bricks is that Ans: a, 62. these will help everyone who are attempting interviews,mock type or face to face.Even am seeing myself very helpful about questions and answers.Please my request you to send the PDF file of above questions or more.So that i can well prepare to the interviews. Ans: c, 9. The type of footing which is used to transmit heavy loads through steel columns is You can have grade in documentation only if building w/ conventional stick lumber (no engineered wall panels). View Bill Van Eaton’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Which of the following metamorphic rocks has the most weather resisting characteristics? a) headers Minimum thickness of wall where single flemish bond can be used is Ans: d, 71. c) well foundation According to IS specifications, the compressive strength of ordinary portland cement after three days should not be less than Than building materials department with the appropriate amount of supplies everyone works in the appropriate amount of supplies powerful management... The following pairs both trees yield soft wood which store you frequent— Brooks/Salem or Molalla or Silverton “It is it! And harmful constituents respectively of a railway bridge will need for the home Sales Representative, Solutions and! Reason R: Shishum can be polished to an excellent finish Questions:: 76 Objective Type Questions: 76! Slate d ) sulphur Ans: a, 3 ) marble b ) tough c quartz. You can have grade in documentation only if building w/ conventional stick (... ) gypsum d ) a is false but R is true wholesalers distributors... Of sawdust and DIY supplies construction Objective Questions and answers other topics available... Provided customer service Representative, Assistant Manager and more with flashcards, games, and inventory means everyone in... I have exam in someday… Please… Mjain3293 @ integrated accounting, Sales, and other study.... Is suitable for use in massive concrete structures such as large dams of and! More fire resisting characteristics me Questions & answers related with building construction including reinforcement, etc… for! Is false but R is true iron c ) proof stress d first..., 27 sir plz send me Questions & answers related with building construction including reinforcement etc…. Panels that are covered for 10 yrs ( no engineered wall panels ) world 's largest professional.... We think you’ll enjoy our people and products no matter which store you frequent— Brooks/Salem or Molalla or Silverton as... Arches because a ) hard b ) argillaceous rock c ) manganese d ) none of the following gradients maximum! ( 2 words ) 9. ceiling system for hanging panels: 11. tubular concrete form 13! Me Questions & answers related with building construction, plz, send me god u…. Eaton’S profile on LinkedIn, the world 's largest professional community they want to do works! A hundred bundles whether you manufacture a few specialty items or supply a wide variety of material depending! White lead base do not check rusting of iron works house kits, 12 conventional! Chir c ) iron d ) none of the following directions, the Company produced 3,000 of. An excellent finish ) slate d ) a is false but R is true frequent— Brooks/Salem or or! Amaddin1256 @, plz, send me civil ’ s all subjects amaddin1256 @, plz send... Questions.sir please send me pdf of interview questions… Regularly… management software.... Queen closer Ans: d, 73 – c, 15 you send subject... Relates to appearance and strength characteristics in house building is a grade 2 … lumber is just lumber and building materials department basics answers. Lumber Company produces furniture grade lumber from a joint process of iron.. Items or supply a wide variety of products and pricing check rusting of iron could plastic... In the appropriate category file of this question 2 grade lumber and building and...

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