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The ‘new small cordylines’ are in fact the same tree re-growing new stems. St Julien A (SJA) - Rootstock for Damsons. Damson trees are self fertile and so there is no need for a second tree for pollination, a solitary tree will produce masses of fruit all on its own! Expect your damson to grow to around 10-15 feet (3-4.5m). The fruit itself is oval and a rich, deep blue or indigo in colour. In early March apply 1 cup of 10-10-10 fertilizer for each year of tree age, up to a maximum of 12 cups. I would try: taking 10 cuttings … Damson Trees. The new dwarfing rootstock for Plum trees that has replaced Pixy. Self Fertile. It basically needs to be deep enough to entirely cover the roots all the way up to the soil mark on the stem. Damson - Prunus domestica ssp. Keep the area free of weeds in at least a 12-inch (30 cm.) Most plum trees require cross-pollination, so two trees must be planted in close proximity. Receiving your bare root tree. Fill in the form below and we will notify you when Farleigh damson trees is back in stock. Farleigh is one of the hardiest of damsons, making it a good choice for difficult situations where other fruit trees may not flourish. radius around the tree. Its fruits are nearly as large as a plum with blue black skin and juicy slightly acidic yellow flesh. More information about Damson Tree … Fruit trees are generally budded or grafted onto a rootstock by the nursery, which means the roots of the tree are a different plant to that of the trunk, branches and fruit. Damsons are best grown from plant suckers (damson shoots springing up from the roots of older trees); plant in groups 4-5m apart and grow using the fan-trained method. All grown on moderate vigour St Julien A rootstock. ... £22.95 Damson Tree 'Prune Damson' Dating back to the 17th century, this is the classic damson widely considered the best flavoured for culinary use. I reckon its worth having a go with a cutting: its free! Damson trees do however make great pollinators for plum trees which of course they are very closely related to. While normally grown as a bush-tree, the dense branches mean it can also be trained as a productive hedge, although for the same reason it is not the best choice of damson if you wish to train as a fain. The damson (/ ˈ d æ m z ə n /) or damson plum (Prunus domestica subsp. All our damson trees, including the Westmorland damson, are bare root. Bare root fruit trees, soft fruit bushes, ornamental trees and hedging are available from late November until late April. Damsons, however, are self-pollinating. The Damson is often grouped with the European plums, but botanists classify it as a separate species. According to Damson plum tree Info, plums that are Fresh New Otherwise, you Could Be Unacquainted with this sour but flavorsome Magnificent damson-flavoured gin … Damsons are very hardy trees and are easy to grow. St Julien A rootstock. A damson can do well if planted where it enjoys some protection from a hedge or tree, especially if you choose a frost-resistant cultivar like Farleigh Damson. It has small white blossom in April. Grow damson trees in full sunlight and moist, well-drained soil. Domestica is from the Latin Domesticus, meaning belong to a household - a reference to cultivation of the species. A pH level slightly on either side of neutral is fine for this adaptable tree.. Once established, Damson plum trees require little care. At the height of the lifting season - between November and March - there may be up to a month's delay between placing the order and dispatching due to pressure of orders, which are dealt with in date sequence, and the weather. Damsons - tree rootstocks & pollination Damsons – rootstocks and pollination. They all have the advantage of being self fertile. Pick in September when it is perfect for culinary use for making pies and jams . Incorporate some growmore as an added fertilizer, and compost or leafmould to enhance the texture of the soil. St Julien A rootstock. We have a selection of reliable hardy Damsons for sale that fruit into September, the heart of the fruit picking time. Damson Tree harvest has become probably the expected and also easily the best of my own fruit trees. ... Bare-root trees are shipped without soil around their roots. The small oval fruits have a strong, rich, astringent damson flavour. Wide Range of Fruit Trees Available to Buy Low Cost Bare Root Damson Trees in Stock. This means you will have an excuse to gather and pick all of your plums, damsons and gages which are perfect for eating straight from the tree and baking into mouth-watering pies. If left to hang on the tree will sweeten and will delicious when eaten fresh. Add plenty of compost, chopped leaves or well-rotted manure to the soil prior to planting. Use a granular fertiliser to give the planting hole a boost before planting. winter’s cold weather, although the roots of almost all, like yours, are still very much alive. Many trees, shrubs and woody climbers can send up suckers from their roots which, if left, will turn into another plant. Plum, damson and gage trees are commonplace in the United Kingdom and they also grow readily in the wild because their fruits often litter the ground when they ripen. MERRYWEATHER DAMSON Characteristics Merryweather damson is a dual purpose freestone damson. Transplant the damson into a fertile bed with full sun in two months. insititia, or sometimes Prunus insititia), also archaically called the "damascene", is an edible drupaceous fruit, a subspecies of the plum tree. Tree and shrub seedlings may also be a nuisance, as they are often numerous and can quickly spread, becoming deep-rooted. I was given a semi-dwarf (root stock) damson for my birthday in december that came as bare root tree (c.1.5m) I followed instructions that came with it to the letter, and planted it in an enormous pot which I protected with fleece and bubble wrap, in the most sheltered part of the garden. Shropshire Prune (also known as Prune Damson) is one to choose for neat, compact growth, or you could look for a tree grown on Pixy rootstock to restrict growth to 8-10 feet (2.4-3m). Bare Root = Field grown trees that have been freshly lifted and supplied with no soil around the roots. The damson plum is a deciduous fruit tree with a moderate growth rate. The Damson plum tree has many traits that make it a fine choice for the homeowner, including a low and compact crown, tolerance to different soils, cold hardiness, resistance to diseases, and the ability to thrive with little or no care. Dig a hole that’s large enough to fit the entire root mass without any roots being broken, bent or emerging from the surface. Remind me Cancel. Fruit trees don’t compete well with weeds, which rob moisture and nutrients from the roots of the tree. The damson is self-fertile and requires very little pruning. Damson trees don’t usually grow too tall so they can be easy to reach or in some years the weight of the fruit bends the branches down to picking height for you. The strong similarities between wild and domestic trees, and between the descriptions of ancient writers and observations today make this fruit tree noted for its remarkable consistency. PLANTING DAMSON TREES. How to grow. Shop Online for Damson Trees. Damson Tree 'Farleigh' Very heavy and reliable cropping variety, producing blue-black fruits perfect for eating, cooking and preserving. Water the tree deeply once every week during the first growing season. Another popular variety is Merryweather, which produces larger fruit than the average damson, sweet enough to be eaten raw, and is particularly suitable for colder, wetter areas. insititia Edible tree - novice Other common names: Damson Plum Scientific name meaning: Literally meaning plum tree, Prunus is a Latin word. ... Bare root trees are dormant when they are sent out, so if there is a problem with the viability of your tree it may not become apparent until bud-burst the following spring. Damson Tree 'Farleigh' Prunus insititia 'Farleigh Prolific' Very heavy and reliable cropping variety, producing blue-black fruits perfect for eating, cooking and preserving. Shape the tree and remove dead and diseased branches. VVA-1 - Rootstock for Damson trees. They actually prefer damper conditions and are tolerant of wind and cold, exposed positions. The damson leaves are already turning and the grass has spatters of bright yellow leaf. Dwarf 2.5 metres when mature. Check for roots on the damson cutting in three to five weeks. Available Now Supplied as a bare root tree pruned to approximately 3-4 ft (90-120cm) tall including roots. Shropshire Prune produces a typical damson tree - fairly small but upright, with densely packed branches.

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