The unveiling of a new telephone system -1892

At the unveiling of the new telephone exchange, Strowger gave a speech in which he declared,

“The present marks an epoch in my life as the realization of my hopes and wishes long held by me, and which I am able to say are totally consummated. The inventor cherishes the child of his brain as a mother does her babe, as he stands on the threshhold of the realization of his efforts.”

He addressed the issue of the “hello girls” who would lose their jobs as the result of his invention:

“I am often told that the telephone girls will be angry with me for robbing them of their occupation. In reply I would say that all things will adjust themselves to the new order. Water will find its level. The telephone replaced the messenger boy as this machine now displaces the telephone girl. Improvements will continue to the end of time, strike where they may.”

But There was a minor flaw in the phone system >>

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