The Man

Almon B StrowgerWho was this influential Man?

On his 22nd birthday, Almon Strowger enlisted in the military. A profile of Strowger on the website Science Daily says he served in the 8th New York Volunteer Cavalry, and that he was believed to have fought in the Second Battle of Bull Run near Manassas, Virginia. According to our research, Strowger served as a bugler, and he received a commission as second lieutenant in fall of 1864. After his honorable discharge on Dec. 8, 1864, he became a schoolteacher and eventually a school principal in Penfield New York. Around this time, he married Rosaltha M. Clarke. The pair had two daughters, Harriet Malvine and Mary Rosaltha. Strowger later taught school in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and Kansas.

Our research indicates that Strowger bought an undertaking business in Topeka, Kansas, in June of 1882. His first wife had died, and he married again, this time to Anna Condon. It is unclear whether his second wife died or if the two divorced, but in 1886 he married Alice Marie Hill. This marriage produced Almon Strowger’s son, John Almon, in 1888. John Almon Strowger died in 1923 in Tampa, Florida, reportedly in a sawmill explosion.

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